What We Believe

Kaskadian is a Branding, Marketing and Sales Consulting Agency. We believe that strategic branding, marketing and sales efforts working harmoniously together lead to more customers and greater profits. Success comes when all three forces are working accurately and in harmony. Branding needs to support marketing. Marketing must support sales. Sales must reflect branding. Strong communication and vision is key. Kaskadian takes a holistic approach in developing your branding, marketing and sales strategies. We are one team that replaces the need for three departments. No more miscommunications or finger-pointing between Marketing and Sales. No more wasted sales meetings or investment funding down the drain.


What We Do

What if you could have all the branding, marketing and sales support you need without hiring a single person? Think of it: no initial out of pocket loss, and when you don't need them, they aren't taking huge chunks of your payroll dollars that could be allocated for more effective purposes. We at Kaskadian believe we have solutions that make your dreams a success. We recognize that to bump up from 'startup' to 'successful business' you'll need to forge strategic partnerships with those that can elevate your business, not drag it down.


How We Do It

Successful design is a collaborative dance between client and designer. The client needs the designer and the designer needs the client. At Kaskadian, we recognize that we exist solely to serve the needs of our clients. Our first step in any project is to listen. Then we ask a myriad of questions to learn more about your objections. Then we listen again. We create a proposal and listen to your feedback. We create branding and we listen again. We create marketing plans and listen for more feedback. We create sales plans and we listen, listen and then listen. This iterative process makes your business, our business. We are only successful when you are.

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