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We at Kaskadian believe that strategic branding, marketing and sales efforts lead to more customers and greater profits. Branding, marketing and sales are the three-legged stool of business success. You cannot succeed unless you execute all three accurately. There must also be a harmony between the these three forces. Branding needs to support marketing, and marketing must support sales. It requires a balanced and coordinated effort. Communication between all teams is crucial. At Kaskadian we take a holistic approach in developing your branding, marketing and sales strategies. There is nothing worse than have a sales team that is frustrated with marketing materials that make their jobs more difficult. Why would you want to work with an agency that would only focus on one aspect of your business? Why would you want to hire a team of people, only to find out that you could have it all managed for you for about the cost of one high level executive?


Our team of video professionals have been providing webcasting solutions for over 5 years. They have provided live, webcasting/recording services for companies such as NANOG, ARIN, IETF, San Francisco Law School, and Genesys.

At Kaskadian we see webcasting as a rich and powerful marketing tool. It allows organizations to expand their reach and message to virtually anyone. Once, it was a tool only available to multi-million-dollar broadcast companies. Now, the benefits of live broadcasting can be available to virtually anyone. With our deep background in marketing and branding, Kaskadian can deliver a professional broadcast experience to your audience. We can stream to YouTube, Facebook Live, Google Hangouts, Livestream, and others. For some of customers, we create private, secure, branded webcasting solutions. We can even help you monetize your webcast through advertising, sponsorships and in some cases through paid membership only broadcasts.

Our team provides all the necessary equipment to deliver an amazing streaming experience. Whether it’s an intimate broadcast or a large conference room with multiple speakers and live audience Q&A, we provide solutions that scale. Our webcasts are recorded and streamed at full 1080p HD. We create custom lower-thirds, transitions, and even video advertisements, if desired. We can integrate presentations, video and remote speakers. In addition, we have solutions that will provide full remote participation. Whatever your webcasting needs, we have a solution for you. Here are a few of our clients recent webcasts. To learn more about our webcasting services, please feel free to contact us.

Learning Managment Systems for Business

As part of our commitment to developing solutions for business promotion, Kaskadian has developed Learning Management Systems for use in business applications. We were approached by IDEX, a multi-billion-dollar company in the equipment manufacturing industry to solve a problem with their sales network. Their problem; keeping a worldwide sales force informed and up-to-date on their latest products and their unique advantages in a competitive global marketplace. Our solution, an online system that will accommodate self-paced learning, pop-quizzes and certification of completion. In addition, that system provides real-time one to one or one to many trainings. It can provide real-time testing, polling and chatting with students and trainer. In addition, the system provides detailed stats on students. Tracking scores, time it took to complete the course, what courses they have taken and what courses they still need to take. Thus, with Kaskadian's advanced skills in learning management systems development and video services, we are in a unique position to deliver a feature rich environment for learning systems or remote event participation. It's even possible to offer tiered options for attendance; physical attendance, the webcasts, and full remote participation.

Currently we are developing an onboarding system for a new client. All professional organizations have employee handbooks, guidelines and codes of conduct. However most of them are long, filled with legalese and boring. Employers often require that employees read and sign off on company issued documents. But how do you assure that they have read and understand the material?

Our solution; develop an engaging, accountable and measurable LMS that will assure that new employees understand and retain critical information to do their jobs effectively.

Additional Services

To get to that next level you'll need to forge strategic partnerships that can offer deep focus in areas that are absolutely essential to bring your products to market. Without obliterating your bottomline. We at Kaskadian believe that we have solutions that help make your dreams a success.

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